Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Top 5 Lists

It's time for the end of year review for the blog. I always like to share my most popular posts, pages, and topics as well as share where most of my readers live and where my traffic comes from. As always, there were a few surprises.

Top 5 Posts Read in 2014 (published any time)

1 - Elizabeth Warren's Ancestry Part 1
2 - No Pity for Warren
3 - Elizabeth Warren - Who do you think you are?
4 - A Cherokee can't be found because a Cherokee isn't there
5 - Elizabeth Warren's ancestry Part 2

Top 5 New Posts Read in 2014 (published in 2014)

1 - No Pity for Warren
2 - Fake Cherokee is Woman of the Year in California
3 - Our Moral Test
4 - When the Past Meets the Present Part 1
5 - Dead Birds Leave Stain on the Cherokee Nation

Top 5 Pages Read in 2014

1 - Fraudulent Organizations
2 - About Me
3 - Elizabeth Warren Information
4 - Chilocco Yearbooks
5 - Feedback and Comments

Top 5 Labels Searched in 2014

1 - Cherokee Ancestry
2 - Cherokee Genealogy
3 - Dawes Roll
4 - Wannabes
5 - My Cherokee Family

Top 5 States for 2014 (based on hits to the site from that state)

1 - Oklahoma (by far! more than 3x as many hits as the second state)
2 - California
3 - Texas
4 - Missouri
5 - North Carolina

Top 5 Ways My Readers Find the Blog

1 - My url -
2 - Google
3 - Facebook
4 - ElizabethWarrenWiki
5 - Legal Insurrection

Notice it has been two years since I wrote most of the Elizabeth Warren posts, but they are still a very popular topic. Four of the top five most popular posts read in 2014 are about Warren. The audience for those posts is located throughout the United States. With speculation that she might make a run for the U.S presidency, it is not a surprise that people are interested in her false claim of Cherokee ancestry.

For new posts, those published in 2014, three of the top five most popular were about Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker.  The audience for those posts came primarily from Oklahoma followed closely by California. This surprised me because my series on the Standing Witnesses was wildly popular, but it couldn't hold a candle to the overwhelming number of hits to the posts about Chief Baker.

Note that at least four of the top five states where my readers are located have a high population of Cherokees living in them. I try to reach the Cherokee people with this blog, so it looks like I am accomplishing my goal. My readership in Oklahoma has doubled since last year and hopefully it will continue to grow as we move into 2015, our election year.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank all my readers for following my blog, reading my posts and sharing them with your family and friends. This blog would be nothing without your support, encouragement and loyalty.  I'd also like to add a "thank you" to the folks at Legal Insurrection and ElizabethWarrenWiki for sharing links to the Warren posts and helping people find my blog.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

copyright 2014, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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