Feedback and Comments

"I want to say a huge thank you to Twila for helping me with my family research. If it wasnt for her, I would have never of figured out how we got the last name that we have. It was some awesome information that I received and thanks to her, I connected with some cousins that I never even knew. We had a family reunion and that made it even more special because I got to meet the side of the family that I never knew. I owe Twila a big thank you for helping me find out what I needed to know. I got to share that information with my aunts and uncles and they very also thankful. Thank you Twila, you are the best!!"  J.A. ~ Jay, OK
"When I first started researching my own family's Cherokee roots, I knew absolutely nothing about where to start looking for information. I was given Twila's name from a new friend who told me she was excellent in the field of Cherokee genealogy, and he was so very right in his statement. Twila not only helped me sift through the mountains of information to get the info I needed to get on the trail of my ancestors...she was encouraging and compassionate all the while maintaining her professionalism and responsibility in what she provided me.

Along the way, I've had the pleasure of knowing Twila, her passion for Cherokee history, and Cherokee people in general. She has always been there to answer ANY question I had, and never hesitated to stay up all hours of the night to unravel the tangled branches of Cherokee genealogy. I adore her work ethic!

I would like to leave everyone that reads this with this statement: In today's world it is hard to find someone that is honest, trustworthy, and passionate about what they do...If this is the type of person you're looking for to aide you in your Cherokee research journey, it's Twila. I stand by this statement!" S.F.A ~ Seattle, WA
"I found your blog and was quite impressed with it. I hope you consider joining APG sometime. Certification is not required. There are fewer than 300 certified genealogists. APG has a membership of over 2,400 and is open to aspiring professionals and the very experienced. It is a membership organization for anyone in the "business" of genealogy such as librarians, writers, speakers, booksellers, and bloggers." Kathleen W. Hinckley, CG; Executive Director; Association of Professional Genealogists
"We just discovered your blog site and wanted to tell you what an excellent job 
you have done putting it together and thanks so much for including the Vann 
House photographs.  They turned out very nice." J.S. ~ Chief Vann House Historical Site

"I would like to give credit and thanks to you, Twila, for your excellent work on behalf of some of my clients, and a couple of co-workers! One of my co-workers believed himself to have descended "from a Cherokee Chief", due to family myth passed on to him by his mother. Twila researched his ancestors, and found his g g grandpa, who did not turn out to be Cherokee, but DID turn out to be a very interesting character. My co-worker was thrilled to be pointed in the right direction by such a thorough, and careful researcher. Twila has also researched numerous of my clients who were told they were "part Cherokee", and has been able to show them where the error of bad family research has led them to wrong conclusions. (Lots of rejected applications, that people believed were "enrollment numbers.") Thank you so much, Twila!" E.G. ~ Portland, OR
"Your web site is a wonderful resource; thank you for all your hard work." M.H. ~ OR