Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bam! Last Nail in the Coffin on that Old Story!

Elizabeth Warren is the granddaughter of Hannie Crawford, daughter of John H. Crawford. Warren says the Crawfords were Cherokee.

According to the Boston Globe
"Rosco Crawford, Hannie Crawford’s brother, told (his granddaughter) that as a young boy living in the Creek Nation of Indian Territory, the Indians were “pretty mean.” Once, when a Creek was hitting Crawford’s younger brother, their father shot and wounded the Indian, according to her biography, on file at California State University at Fullerton."

The story Hannie's brother, Rosco, told his granddaughter is true. 

Muskogee Times Democrat; Muskogee, Oklahoma; August 13, 1906, p.1.
Muskogee Times Democrat; Muskogee, Oklahoma; August 17, 1906; p.4.

Why is this significant? Because it refers to John H. Crawford as a white man.

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  1. I am a non-Indian and a genealogist, and I applaud your efforts to publish the truth. You've done a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!

  2. You deserve a lot of credit for sticking with this, even though you have been vilified. Your research is thorough and you have presented the facts for all to see, even for those who will remain blind. I hope that people who visit this site will appreciate the effort that you have made to protect your ethnic heritage and to expose those like Elizabeth Warren who commit ethnic fraud to gain unfair advantage over others. It is unbelievable that Ms. Warren continues to create one lie after another to justify her claiming, at age 38, that she is Native American. Please accept my small donation in appreciation of your work. Native of Massachusetts....graduate of Univ. of Oklahoma

  3. Great GREAT job, Twila, for discovering and sharing the truth! Congratulations on making the national news! I found you via the following link in my Facebook newsfeed.

  4. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. Never believed Elizabeth and certainly would not have voted for her anyway. Thank you for your diligent research!


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