Friday, October 5, 2012

Dissecting a Family Myth - Elizabeth Warren

Remember this interview? Let's watch it again.....This time, we will watch it in segments so we can show, with supporting information, why we think the story Warren tells is a lie.

Look at this.

Let's look at a clip, close up.

See household 179 - Grant and John H Herring. These are Warren's paternal grandpa and great grandpa.

See household 183 - JH Crawford. That is Warren's maternal great grandpa.

They were only living four households away from each other in 1910.

Here is a chart to show you how they are related to Warren. 

Click to enlarge

Warren says her father's family (Herrings) knew enough about her mother's family (Crawfords/Reeds) to know they were Indians, so they opposed the marriage. This is the entire basis for her claim of Cherokee and Delaware ancestry.

The problem with this is, the only family the Herrings had a generational history with was the Crawford family. Harry Gunn Reed's parents never lived in Wetumka and were long dead before he moved there. The Herrings would have known nothing about his family.

Because John H. Crawford is found on the 1910 US Census living only four households away from the Herrings, they would have known him. John H. Crawford was a white man and was considered white by the community. The Herrings, part of the community, would have considered him white. 

Warren's story has fallen apart. If it wasn't apparent before, it should be now. The woman is not an Indian and has no Indian ancestry. For her to continue to claim she has Native American ancestry is not only an insult to real Natives, it is also an insult to the intelligence of the people of Massachusetts and of the American public. Elizabeth Warren said,  "Character is how you live your life." If she really believes that, then it is time for her to stop the lies and apologize.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

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