Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Disconnected, insensitive and our own worst enemy

We Cherokees have a difficult time gaining respect from members of other Indian Nations. Do you know why? Because sometimes our people are so disconnected and so insensitive, they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. 

The At Large Cherokees have a difficult time gaining respect from the "At Home" Cherokees that live in the 14 county service area of the Cherokee Nation. Do you know why? Because sometimes the At Large Cherokees are so disconnected and so insensitive, they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. 

Guess what. You can't. Cherokees, both At Home and At Large, are tired of some of our people doing things that bring dishonor and shame to our nation. We can and will hold those who represent our nation, in any official way, accountable.

Below are clips from photos posted on the Colorado Cherokee Circle Facebook page. The Colorado Cherokee Circle is one of our Cherokee Nation affiliated At Large groups. 

 A description of the group from their page on the Cherokee Nation website:

"The Colorado Cherokee Circle is a community of Cherokees dedicated to Cherokee history, culture, heritage, tradition, and fellowship."
Excuse me, but can anyone from that group explain to me what is historically, culturally, or traditionally Cherokee about a person dressed as Santa "ho ho hoing" around in a war bonnet? This is embarrassing for a number of reasons, but for starters:
  • Cherokees never wore war bonnets. If you want to honor our culture, don't do it. 
  • Just because we are an Indian Nation doesn't mean we have the right to appropriate other Indian Nations' culture, especially in a frivolous, idiotic way. Have some respect!  
  • Since when is "Santa Claus" supposed to be an Indian? Last I heard, he was a fat white guy in a red suit!
Apparently, while American Indians all over the US have been speaking out against stereotypes, cultural appropriation and Indian mascots, the Colorado Circle Cherokees were too busy to notice. I'm sure the people had fun at this party, but their appropriation and mishmash of other cultures' traditions for their own enjoyment is unacceptable.

Sometimes we Cherokees are our own worst enemy. This is one of those times. In no way, shape or form did this At Large group celebrate the traditions, culture, history or heritage of our Nation. Enough is enough. Repeatedly we've seen problems with the At Large groups. We have wannabes running them and playing Indian and we have real Cherokees acting like wannabes playing Indian. It's time to clean these groups up or get rid of them. Personally, I'm tired of people thinking they represent me, my family and my nation because they don't.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

*Note: If you are a member of another At Large community that finds my opinion upsetting or a threat to your group, then stand up against the groups that are not just making our nation look bad, but your community look bad as well (people At Home think of all At Large as one group.) I'm not a threat to you, but the poorly run groups are. Demand they clean their act up.

copyright 2014, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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