Friday, September 26, 2014

Dead Birds Leave a Stain on the Cherokee Nation

Many of you have already heard about US Senator from Oklahoma, James Inhofe's "Pigeon Shoot" fundraiser.  What you might not have heard is that Bill John Baker, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, participated in it and that the Cherokee Nation was listed as a Gold Level sponsor of it.

Here is a video of the event. I think it is important everyone see exactly what a "pigeon shoot" is.

Here is a picture of our chief, Bill John Baker, participating. He's on the right, holding a gun. 

Here's the chief's official Cherokee Nation vehicle parked at the event.

Photo from Shark

Here is the Cherokee Nation listed as a Gold Level Host. 

Photo from Shark

Yesterday, in the Finance Sub Committee Meeting, the donations to Inhofe were mentioned, including this event. It was fully acknowledged that Chief Baker participated. Chuck Hoskin, Jr. said Cherokee Nation Businesses donated the $2500 to Inhofe so Baker could attend.

If the chief of our nation does something on a personal level, that is his business, but if he does something as our representative, under the title of the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, then it becomes our business. We have Cherokee Nation citizens living in homes that are in desperate need of repair. We have people who are on waiting lists for health services because "there is no money left" for this year. We have families that can't bury their loved ones because "there's no money to help with that." We can't help the Cherokee people, yet we have money to send our chief out to shoot pigeons and rub elbows with a US Senator who has never been a friend to the American Indian? Are you kidding me?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not an animal rights activist. I believe in hunter's rights, but this pigeon shoot was not a hunt. The death of these pigeons served no purpose other than to stuff the campaign coffers of a man who doesn't give one hoot about American Indians or their causes. The fact that Cherokee Nation money, from any entity of the Cherokee Nation, went to Inhofe for this event infuriates me. Our chief attending and participating leaves me in shock.  

This was not just some employee of the Cherokee Nation going out and participating in something disgusting. This was the top elected official of the Cherokee Nation, OUR CHIEF, participating in an event where living creatures were killed just for the sake of killing them, on our dime while driving our vehicle and listing us as a sponsor of the event. We the Cherokee people are the Cherokee Nation. Bill John Baker did not just damage his own reputation by participating in this "pigeon shoot", but damaged ours as well. To me, and many other Cherokees, that is absolutely unacceptable.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Well said. That money could have been spent to repair the home of the elder mentioned in your previous post. While this man breathes black mold into his copd infected lungs, Chief Baker satisfies his bloodlust on the tribal dime. The white man is proud of Baker this day.

  2. Excellent post Twila. Thanks for standing up to this wasteful cruelty.

  3. People are appalled! This is sick! Twila thank you for sharing this and letting people know. This definately puts things in perspective of the things going on in Cherokee Nation. We can spend thousands of dollars supporting an event such as this but cant help those in need? WE? When CN (Cherokee Nation) is listed they speak for us and this is representative of the people. Well thats not right. WE as a people do not support those who are necessarily in office and dont always support what they 'decide' is appropriate. As as a CN citizen I do NOT like my name attached to this atrocity. I do thank you for keeping the public informed and the truth you speak.


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