Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cherokee Nation Citizen Requests Investigation into Violation of Cherokee Nation Free Independent Press Act

Cherokee Nation citizen, Cheryl Brown, has submitted a letter to Cherokee Nation Attorney General, Todd Hembree, requesting an investigation into Cherokee Phoenix Editorial Board member, Kendra McGeady, and her recent participation in Chief Baker's campaign.
Brown states McGeady's participation occurred during Chief Bill John Baker's "Campaign Kickoff", where McGeady, also known as Kendra Sue Montana, "was in attendance, actively participating, and reportedly actively campaigning for Chief Baker among others." 

Brown also states that she believes McGeady has violated the Cherokee Nation Free Independent Press Act (LA-16-09), Section 6, E., which says:

“* * * no member of the board shall, directly or indirectly, solicit, receive or in any manner be concerned in soliciting or receiving any assessment, subscription or contribution for any political organization, candidacy or other political purpose. The Board Members shall not participate in any political campaign or be involved in any tribal political activity, except to exercise his or her right as a citizen to express his or her individual opinion and cast his or her right to vote.”

A visit to Kendra McGeady's (Kendra Sue Montana) Facebook page confirmed Brown has a reason to believe McGeady was actively involved in Baker's campaign.

At 8:21pm on January 6, 2015, Victoria Mitchell Vazquez tagged McGeady in a photo, while adding the comment, "At Baker Campaign kick off!" 

The red arrow points to McGeady.
I agree with Brown and believe an investigation should be launched concerning Kendra McGeady's participation in this event. Our press should remain FREE of political influence. If it isn't, it becomes nothing more than a propaganda tool used to influence the Cherokee people.  

Brown's letter to AG Hembree:

Those are my thoughts for today.
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  1. A couple of shovels of bullshit and they'll try to bury the truth. Thank you for always giving truth the light it deserves.


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