Thursday, March 7, 2013

27 Candidates file to run in Cherokee Nation General Election

Those running for council seats are:
At Large, Curtis Muskrat Bruehl,  incumbent Jack D. Baker, Robin Mayes, Ken Luttrell, Carole Richmond and Kurt West.

District 2, incumbent Joe Byrd, Tonya Teaney and Tansye Dreadfulwater.

District 4, post, Don Garvin, Justin E. Carlton and Mike Dobbins.

District 5, incumbent David Thornton Sr., Dink Scott and Sherry L. Doolin. 

District 7, incumbent Frankie Hargis, Joe Adair and Wade Hampton.

District 9 - Curtis Snell and Lonus Mitchell

District 10, Harley Buzzard, Melvina Shotpouch and Nettie Detherage. 

District 11, incumbent Chuck Hoskin Jr. (no other opponents)

District 15, incumbent Meredith Frailey, Janees Taylor and Marilyn Marion Carlene Cooper.

copyright 2013, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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