Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Battle for Truth Begins....In Court?

Yesterday I was notified that an ancestor stealer, the one who stole Crane Eater, is now threatening to take a lot of Cherokees to court. I really have no idea the reason, other than we won't allow them to spew their false ancestry all over the web without disputing it. They seem to be under the impression that since they managed to get themselves into a fake tribe, they can claim they are Indian. Sorry, but that group is known for allowing fakes into their ranks and we Cherokees aren't falling for it.

For those of you who might have forgotten the fiasco that ensued over Crane Eater because our focus has been on Elizabeth Warren, I thought I would repost a past blog (with a few modifications) to remind you of the determination of the ancestor stealer to cling to a fictitious story about Indian ancestry despite all the evidence saying this person's family was white. (Sounds a lot like Elizabeth Warren, doesn't it? For those readers who started following because of the Warren false claims, read on. You will see this phenomenon is nothing new.)

Because I have done such extensive research on the Cherokee man named Crane Eater, it is not uncommon for me to do a Google search on him periodically. I saw something in January 2012 on a genealogy forum that was incorrect and decided to respond to it. (And contrary to the lies posted by that hack website out of Massachusetts, I am not banned from posting there!) I think people have the right to get accurate information. Let's just say things got interesting after that! 

Like I have said so many times before, some people really don't care about the truth when it comes to Cherokee genealogy. They want to be Cherokee, so by gosh, they are going to be, whether they really are or not! And, the debate on the forum proved this point.

One message posted said,
"You're waging a losing battle. I'm going to continue my research; Nothing you say or do will stop my efforts or what I blog about. I've dug in, baby."

If that doesn't prove everything I have been saying all along in this Crane Eater saga, I don't know what does.

"You're waging a losing battle."
"Nothing you say...will stop my efforts or what I blog about."
"I've dug in, baby."

It is now perfectly clear, nothing, I mean, NOTHING, I say, no matter how accurate it is, no matter how much it is based on actual documentation, no matter how honest I am about it, NOTHING will stop this person from wrongly claiming Crane Eater as their ancestor. NOTHING. After all, this isn't a quest for truth, but instead, it is a "battle" and they've "dug in." Not only are such comments cocky and arrogant, they also show someone grossly underestimates the documentation I have.  Isn't that sad? I thought we were doing genealogy here.

Anyway, apparently I am now in battle...

Gee, an Anglo going to battle against an Indian. That's nothing new.

But, before this apparent battle begins, I would like to remind everyone about a bit of history. Remember a man named George Armstrong Custer? He, too, was arrogant and cocky. He, too, wanted to go to battle. And he, too, underestimated the Indians. Now you tell'd that work out for him?

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. I came across your blog this evening while googling the idea that everyone has a Cherokee descendant. My dad and I joke about it frequently. I'm 1/16th Choctaw, on the roll and my husband who is several shades darker than me, in skin, eye, and hair color has relatives who frequently claim Cherokee lineage, but none of them can remember a Native American looking ancestor. It makes me giggle because even my little white, blonde haired boys have an Indian looking great-grandmother, despite their predominantly white mother. :)

    Anyway, long story short, I love your blog and the stories you have helped with. I've been reading the Crane Eater account and plan to peruse more. But I am curious as to whether there has been any update to the court battle?

  2. As far as I know, she never took anyone to court. :)


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