Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Elizabeth Warren - Do You Consider Yourself a Minority?

Seems pretty cut and dry. Should be a yes or no answer, right? Well, apparently it isn't for Elizabeth Warren. Why answer this question with "no" one time and then another, avoid the question by saying something else. Could it be that, last night, if she admitted she doesn't consider herself a minority, she would have then had to explain why she felt entitled to claim it and have herself touted as Harvard Law's first woman of color? 

We still want an answer, Ms. Warren. We are waiting. Do you consider yourself a minority, and if not (and remember, you have at least once admitted you aren't), why do you feel you were entitled to claim to be one at certain times in your life?  Please explain this. I think we Cherokees have a right to know.

Those are my thoughts for today.
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