Friday, October 1, 2021

The Gardner Green Series: Northup No Longer Claims Young Wolf/Gardner Green

In 2019, after my blog series on Gardner Green, I received an email from Beverly Baker Northup, "chief" of the Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory. She said she had read my blog and decided she would not claim Gardner Green any longer. Baker removing Gardner Green from the "Northern Cherokee" history removes him from the history of the splinter tribes as well. That battle is finally over. Without Gardner Green, their claim collapses.

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The Missouri groups have been exposed and they no longer claim our Young Wolf/Gardner Green. Though I know there has been a renewed interest in once again trying to "expose" these groups by some Cherokees, our time might be better spent focusing in another direction. There are over 200 other fake Cherokee tribes throughout the United States and they aren't going anywhere if we remain distracted by the already debunked groups in Missouri.

In my opinion, if we truly care about addressing the issue of ALL fake Cherokee tribes, it's time we turn our attention to another state and work to expose the fake "Cherokee" tribe trickery going on there. 

It's time we look toward Texas.

Those are my thoughts for today,

Polly's Granddaughter

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