Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fraudulent Tribe Getting Media Attention in Arkansas

One would hope the media would do some fact checking before the report on a story. Unfortunately, in the case of the fraudulent group, "Western Cherokee Nation", this didn't happen. 

This group is actually named "Western Cherokee" and a non-profit started in Missouri in 2002 that is currently in Good Standing with the state. 

Before this move being discussed on the news, the group was formerly out of Salem, Missouri and operated by Wanda Nash. 

They are simply a group that came into existence in 2002 and claimed to be Cherokee. They are not an authentic Cherokee tribe and the history they claim actually belongs to the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. The authentic Western Cherokee, or Old Settlers as we call them, united with the Emigrant Cherokees, those who removed from the east on the Trail of Tears, in 1839. 

This "Western Cherokee" group is just one of the 200+ fraudulent groups in the US masquerading as a Cherokee tribe.  Don't let their claim that they don't need federal recognition fool you. The reason they say that is because they can't get federal recognition. They are not an authentic tribe and have never had a government to government relationship with the US.

Channel 5 News out of Fort Smith did a story on this group which can be found here - Click here.  

The Times Record, that covers the Fort Smith, western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma, did a story that can be found here - Click here

I contacted the reporter that covered the story for the Times Record, sharing facts and explaining that the group is not an authentic Cherokee tribe. He replied with, "Thank you." Will he do a follow up and correct the myths perpetuated by the article? I'm not sure, but each one if you is free to go to the above websites and leave your thoughts about this in the comments section. While the Cherokee Nation no longer has a Task Force, I know we Cherokees are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to defending our identity and our sovereignty.

Those are my thoughts for today.
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