Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Baby Veronica", Governor Fallin, Dusten Brown, and Extradition

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has signed an extradition order to send Dusten Brown, father of "Baby Veronica" back to South Carolina. For more information, please go to the following news story-

Dusten Brown to surrender to authorities this morning

In my humble opinion, Gov Fallin should have allowed the judicial system to work. There are pending hearings in the Oklahoma Supreme Court and in the Cherokee Nation courts. Fallin ignored this and took it upon herself to try to move things along, even though she has a flawed understanding of the case. 

The best comment I have seen left by anyone explaining the truth about what is going on was left by David Cornsilk. His comment follows:
"Dusten Brown didn't commit a crime. At the worst, he disobeyed a court order. But he did it at every turn by following orders of his home courts in Oklahoma and Cherokee Nation.

Fallen has accused Dusten of not acting in good faith by refusing to allow the Cs to visit Veronica. There is no court order directing him to do that. And before she signed the extradition order, the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a stay, shutting down all lower court orders. Fallen has now placed herself above our Supreme Court.

Not only is the governor in open defiance of the court, she is in contempt of court. Add to this insult of the rule of law the fact that Fallen threatened Dusten with signing the order if he didn't let the Cs visit Veronica and negotiate a settlement. That's blackmail and is specifically prohibited by Oklahoma law. No criminal case can be used in a coercive manner in a civil case. Fallen now sets herself above the law.

There has been a great deal of mis- and disinformation spread about Dusten and his actions during the pregnancy and immediately following Veronica's birth. He did not sign his rights away. He couldn't. Oklahoma law and federal law require the father to sign before a judge. That never happened.

We must also contend with the treacherous actions of the birth mother in shutting Dusten out during the pregnancy and immediately following the birth. She was directed to reject him by the Cs attorney and the predatory adoption agency making thousands off of this and other stolen babies. Not to mention the huge sums of money paid to the bio mom, including a new SUV to buy her baby.

Why is this happening in Oklahoma you may ask? Because Oklahoma has a large Indian population with many social ill including poverty and many unwed mothers. This same thing is happening wherever there are poor Indians. Predatory adoption agencies wave a couple thousand dollars under the nose of a poor woman, more cash than she's seen at one time her whole life, and the trap is set. The rest is easy, just shut out the father, spirit the baby to South Carolina and declare him a deadbeat dad.

The Veronica Brown case aside, we should all be alarmed at this orchestrated and illegal trafficking in babies to satisfy the desires for an infant by barren, wealthy, white couples in South Carolina.

And before anyone judges Dusten Brown for what he may or may not have said and done as his relationship with his fiancé collapsed, put yourself in his shoes. Who among us has no regrets for our words and actions during a painful breakup? But more importantly, who among us wouldn't go to the ends of the earth to protect and hold onto our children?

The truth about the Baby Veronica case is slowly coming out. Something very wrong happened here. Child trafficking/baby brokering is illegal but it seems all the big dog players (the SCOTUS, the governors of South Carolina and Oklahoma, etc...) in this case are doing whatever they can to allow the crime instead of stopping it.  Pay attention America! Today it is Indian children, but tomorrow it will be the children of poor whites, or the children of lesbian mothers, or the children of anyone else the "power players" want to deem unfit to raise their own biological children.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

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