Monday, August 5, 2013

Call to Action: Tulsa Library - Combining Genealogy Center & General Library

I received this email today and am passing it on, with permission from the person who sent it.

I found out today that the Tulsa Library powers-that-be are moving the Genealogy Center from its great home at 2901 S Harvard to be part of the general collection at the Hardesty library, intermingling the staff of the Genealogy Library with general library duties and allowing the materials to be out in the open without even a separate room.  This is not being done because they need the current building.  It is going to sit empty; they feel that the Hardesty library needs a “special collection”.   This will cause quite a disruption in genealogy research, especially for Native Americans who get a lot of benefit from the Tulsa collection and its staff.
Even if you are not a patron of the library, please send an email to the following persons and ask them to reconsider.  You may not use the genealogy library, but you can say that you have benefited from those that have and include your own reasons. This move is eminent but not fully implemented, so please send the email right away. 
Gary Shaffer
Laurie Sundborg           

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