Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Ad Space Available for Limited Time

In an effort to help raise funds for Warpony Community Outreach, I have decided to make space available for small ads on my blog. For a donation of $10 or more to Warpony, I will run a 125 x 125 ad with a link to your site for 30 days.  Because this is a niche blog with many Cherokee readers from all over the United States, this is a great opportunity for current council candidates in the Cherokee Nation to get some additional exposure. For those running for the At Large council seat, it could be a great way to reach others you might not be able to meet face to face.

If you are interested in placing an ad, please contact me through the email link on this page. All ads are subject to my pre-approval and must be Cherokee related.*

Ads will be placed exactly where the current "Your Ad Here" blocks are,
so they will be in clear view each time a new post is published.

*Basically, I am not going to allow obscene or negative ads to be placed. This is a family friendly blog.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

copyright 2013, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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