Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Year In Review

Like last year, for some year end fun, I thought I would share the most popular posts from 2012, as well as a few other yearly stats for the blog. It came as no surprise that the posts about Elizabeth Warren's ancestry topped the list. My open letter to Warren is, by far, the most popular post ever for this blog and visits from the state of Massachusetts were nearly three times higher than that of any other state during 2012.

Hope you have enjoyed the blog this year and I look forward to sharing a lot more fun and interesting posts for 2013. Happy New Year!

The 5 Most Read Posts -

1. A Letter to Elizabeth Warren
2. Elizabeth Warren's Ancestry Part 1
3. Bam! The Last Nail in the Coffin on that Old Story
4. Email from a Warren' Supporter
5. Elizabeth Warren's Ancestry Part 2

Days with the most hits - May 17 and October 4 (This isn't a surprise because those days correspond with two of the most popular posts of the year.)

Most Popular Page - About Me

States With The Most Readers -  

1. Massachusetts
2. California
3. Texas
4. Oklahoma (number 1 last year)
5. Missouri

Most Popular Search Label - Elizabeth Warren

Traffic came from -

1. Google
2. Direct (no referring site)
3. Legal Insurrection
4. Facebook
5. Breitbart

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

copyright 2012, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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