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The Forgotten Brother - Bert Joseph Reed

Remember the Boston Globe article that made much ado about nothing over the purported Indian ancestry of Harry Gunn Reed, Elizabeth Warren's grandpa, and his brother, Everett Binns Reed? They failed to make any mention of the other brother, Bert Joseph Reed. 

Per my post on Phases of a Wannabe, you can see that it is common for fakes to "line jump" and claim through another line of ancestry when the first one they claim through is shown to be non-Indian. This is what Warren and her campaign has done. The Crawford line was shown to be white, so they then wanted to focus on the Reed line and claim they were the ones with the most Indian blood. Apparently they hadn't read our post showing that line had already been done and also had no Indian ancestry. They did have a lot of ministers, carpenters and soldiers though. Bert Joseph Reed was one of those who served in the military.

Bert Joseph Reed, the grand uncle of Ms. Warren and younger brother to her high cheek-boned grandpa, was the child of Joseph H. Reed and Charity Louise Gorman.

He was born February 1877 in Arkansas. (From the 1900 US Census - birth info circled)

He was found on the 1880 US Census living in Freeburg, St. Clair County, Illinois with his parents and siblings; race listed as white. (The "W" after each of their names is in the "Color or Race" column.)

He was found on the 1900 US Census living in Capiz, Philippine Islands, Military and Naval Forces; race listed as white (circled.)

He is found on a US Army, Register of Enlistments, as enlisting May 8, 1905. (This might be a re-enlistment since he already had been in the military.)

Physical description - Brown eyes, Dark brown hair, Fair complexion, 5'10 1/4" tall.

He was found on the 1910 US Census living in USS South Dakota, San Francisco, California, Military and Naval Forces ; race listed as white (circled).

He married Katherine E. Rosser in Caddo County, Oklahoma, on September 11, 1919.

He was found on the 1920 US census living in Fort Sill, Comanche County, Oklahoma his wife; race listed as white (circled.)

He was found on the 1930 US Census living in Lawton, Comanche County Oklahoma , with his wife and children; race listed as white (circled.)

He was found on the 1940 US Census living in San Diego, San Diego County, California, with his wife and son; race listed as white (circled.)

He died June 16, 1940 in San Diego, California.

He was buried in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, San Diego County, California.

Do you notice a trend for Warren's family? Once again, Bert, brother to her pappaw with the high cheek bones, is always listed as white. Still, not a single piece of documentation anywhere on any of the family ever shows them listed as anything other than white. But Elizabeth Warren thinks she had a right to list herself as a minority in a law directory and be counted as a minorty/Native American for diversity purposes.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

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