Saturday, September 29, 2012

Warren and Her Direct Attack on Our Sovereignty

I am highly disturbed at how the Democrats are crying racism when it is their candidate, Elizabeth Warren, who has usurped an identity that didn't belong to her and continues to double and triple down on that claim, still, without proof. If they want to stand up for American Indians, it should not be done by yelling racism but instead, by pointing out sovereignty and treaty rights. We are sovereign Indian nations and we have the right to determine who is or is not a member of our nations, not them. By the standards they are using against Scott Brown, his misunderstanding of Indian identity, they are also guilty.

Warren has had ample opportunity to admit she made a mistake. She refuses to do it, which means she has no respect for us as Indian Nations. She sees us as a race of people instead. Now the Democratic political machine is using us, as a race, the generic Indian, to play the race card. What I see is not racism, but instead, race baiting by Warren and her supporters. Because she claimed to be us, by default, she and her supporters are now using us, the Cherokee people, as their reason to claim racism. It isn't racism.

It is an attack on sovereignty by Warren and her supporters because they think they can tell us who is Cherokee, or who should be, based on race. By this philosophy, our nation, the Cherokee Nation, would be booting out the freedmen descendents. Warren and her supporters disrespect Indian Nations as sovereign nations. We are not one group - Indians - but instead individual nations who determines our own citizenship. Warren claims to be Cherokee and her supporters, the media and many others give her the benefit of doubt. That is where they get it wrong and that is where they disrespect us. We say she is not Cherokee, so she isn't. Cherokees decide who is Cherokee. Not the media. Not the Democrats. And not Elizabeth Warren.

Those are my thoughts for today.
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  1. The 3.6 million square miles of what is today called the U.S.A., are bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and the countries of Mexico and Canada. This is the hometown of The Nations. However, since as far back as, at least, the 17th century, The Nations have been told they are unwelcome on their homelands. This is not conjecture; records from all levels of government, historical societies, educational institutions, etc., contain documents reflecting this fact, revealing “Indians” (a misnomer) being referred to as invaders, foreigners, and aliens. And for the past three decades, the UN under Agenda 21 has been working to permanently disabuse indigenous people of their sovereignty and rights to own land (as well as the rights of all other humans to own land). Politicians and bureaucrats, including Warren and Brown, have participated for three decades in spending tax payers’ funds to implement Agenda 21 programs.

    Despite facts like these, Warren and her supporters want to play both sides of the net for their various advantages. While condoning the above, Warren (with her supporters’ help) lays claim to something that is not hers to claim. I call it despicable, social double dipping. The only thing more despicable (so far) is the effort of Warren and her supporters to create a chilling effect on innocents like Twila, who dare to raise points of order.

    For Elizabeth Warren and her supporters, I join Twila and millions of other indigenous and non-indigenous people who are, repeatedly, calling you out!


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