Thursday, September 13, 2012

Voluntary Self Idetification Forms and Elizabeth Warren

Since Elizabeth Warren won't release her employment records, we can't know for sure how she filled them out, but one might speculate there is something in them that might be harmful to her campaign. After all, if there is nothing bad there, why not just release them and end the matter, right?

I found this Job Part B packet, from Harvard's Human Resources office, and wondered if the Self-Identification form (page 2) is similar to the one Ms. Warren filled out.  

If so, no wonder she won't release her employment records. As you can see, the criteria for "checking the box" as Native American is a two part requirement. First one must have the origins, or ancestry, and second, they must maintain tribal affiliation or be recognized by the community. Even if Ms. Warren thought she had the ancestry, she knew she didn't have the tribal affiliation. She even knew she did not legally meet the criteria to call herself a minority, as seen in the following video.

Now, why did Harvard list Warren as a minority in their diversity reports? Because they thought she looked so "Cherokee" they should do it? Probably not. Chances are, somewhere on paper, in writing, Ms. Warren said she was a Native American. Was it on a form like the one above? Only Warren and Harvard know for sure, but I think we all deserve an answer. If Warren did check a box with the description of Native American clearly spelled out as above, then she intentionally misrepresented herself as a tribal Indian. If she did that, I think, not only do the Cherokee people deserve to know, but also the American people deserve to know.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

For another perspective and thoughts please see Legal Insurrection's "Elizabeth Warren Needs to Disclose if she made false federal filings."

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