Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elizabeth Warren's Act of Colonization

As I watch the Democrats and Republicans battle it out over the Senate race in Massachusetts, I see two groups that most likely don't really give a flying fig about Native Americans or the Cherokee people. They just use us as weapons in their battle for the US Senate.

Everyone seems to have forgotten who started all this - Elizabeth Warren. She falsely claimed to be Cherokee. Call it what you will, but somehow, somewhere, sometime, she did or said something that led the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law School to list her as a minority. She says she didn't use the claims to get a job so she thinks it is okay. It isn't. She has assumed an identity and a history as well as tragedies and triumphs that don't belong to her.

What Elizabeth Warren has done is an act of colonization. She has usurped Indigenous identity, just as her ancestors stole the land and resources. It's a hostile act of genocide and it is not okay.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

*Thank you to my friend, Barbara Low for helping me find the words I needed to write this post. Her words are in bold.
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  1. Amen, and again, AMEN!

  2. i have been beside myself trying to get through to friends who support elizabeth warren that what she has done and what she continues to do by doubling down on her completely reprehensible claim to native identity is nothing but racism - colonialism as stated here twisted by an entitled rich white woman for personal gain. they shrug if off as if i am just an angry mean person attacking a defenseless child who happens to think she's-shucks- an indian. harvard was desperate to hire minority female professors at the time- her position should have gone to an actual minority woman. how can than not be construed as fraud and the actions of a deeply unethical human being willing to exploit those for whom set asides and affirmative action programs were meant to serve?

    if i am not wrong , it is not 5 year old little girls who apply to be professors of law- it is grown adults with many many years of schooling and professional experience. now we find she may have practiced law in MA without a license.i am scared to ask-what else is there?

    clearly the rules apply to all the rest of us but not liz warren. this is just the sort of person who should never ever be in any position of power as important as senator of the US. who knows, if an actual cherokee woman or man had been given her position- maybe they would be running for that senate seat today- but can't because liz took what didn't belong to her under false pretenses at the worst or with no required documentation at- well that's still at worst too.

    shame on harvard. shame on liz warren. shame on democrats for not vetting this unaccountable , unethical, and feckless person. when people defend her i consider it an outrage. there's no excuse for not searching for the facts and just taking this liar at her dubious word.


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