Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Things I've Learned While Doing Cherokee Genealogy

1 - People don't want to know the truth
It's true! When someone is looking for Cherokee ancestry, that is what they are looking for so telling them anything different, no matter how true it is, will just not cut the mustard.  Never ever ever mistake one who is looking for Cherokee ancestry for one who is doing Cherokee genealogy. These two things often do not go hand in hand. Instead, they are more likely to go toe to toe!

2 - Not to challenge white people
I'm not kidding! Don't do it! By all means, do not challenge them or draw attention when they do something that offends Cherokees. If you do, the big, bad white man is going to remove you! Trust me. There is a reason my blog is no longer part of that online genealogical blogger community blog list. Aw well, it isn't the first time a Cherokee has been forced out by whites!* 

3 - Our ancestors are up for grabs
Honestly! Believe it or not, if you look around, you will find that some who claim to have done Cherokee genealogy have done nothing but, figuratively speaking, gone grave robbing and stolen our Cherokee ancestors' dead bodies. These folks take a dead corpse, prop it up in their family tree* and proudly display it like a hunter does his mounted deer head trophy! It's disgusting!  If ancestor stealing was a crime, these folks would be listed on the Genealogical Bureau of Investigation's Most Wanted List!

4 - There is still an "Indian problem"
Don't believe me? Go read any genealogy forum or discussion board overrun with wannabes. To them, "Cherokees" are to be respected and honored, till they meet one, a real one. Then they describe us as  mean spirited, nasty and hateful. How dare we ask them who their people are! How dare we ask them how they connect to OUR nation! How dare we not accept them as one of us, no questions asked! How dare.......... You get the picture. When it comes to wannabes, we Indians are a problem. They want the last thing we have left......our identity......and we won't let them have it. 

5 - Attempts at genocide continue today
Seriously. Though there are no dead bodies laying around (as explained in #3 above!), there are still attempts at genocide against the Cherokees going on today. It is what I call paper genocide. Instead of killing us outright, they are now trying to erase our Indian ancestors from history and replace them with their white ancestors. By doing so, not only do they get rid of that particular Indian, they also get rid of all of his descendants and replace those descendants with those of the white man. It is genealogical smoke and mirrors at its finest and some folks enjoy the show enough to believe it. Thank goodness it is all an illusion that can be sorted out and corrected by a team of determined and dedicated researchers. Hold on, Crane Eater! We're comin' for ya!

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

* Comments previously made by David Cornsilk.

copyright 2012, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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  1. You are right on the mark about all your comments. A Cherokee genealogy researcher for 35 years!! I've met the same results you mentioned!


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