Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From My Inbox - It Isn't Just Me Who Says It!

"Enjoyed the latest articles very much ! Especially the Custer part !
With more and more people gaining access to the Guion Miller Apps, then there will be more and more people claiming "I am Cherokee", based simply on something old Great Great Aunt Emily or dear old great great gramps supposedly said....................
And she/he NEVER lied !
Over the years, I've traced more than a few families who submitted applications, rejected applications that is, and one thing that always emerges, is that for around 100 years BEFORE Guion Miller, these families were very definitely Free White Citizens of the United States......................and strangely enough, they continued to be Free White Citizens for 100 years AFTER Guion Miller.
There's just this very brief window of opportunity in a 200 year time span when these folk claimed they were Cherokee, which strangely co-incided with the government handing out money!
Curious, huh ?
Well, not really.
They were simply "hiding their ancestry". 
Pretending to be Free White Citizens of the United States, with all the attendant advantages accorded to FWC's, that were denied to Indians. Basically, they lied to the government.
Or did they ?
Perhaps, they lied on their Guion Miller Applications ?
That's a decision these descendants will have to make.
"Hiding their ancestry" is something that gets right up my.................elbow. Every time I see one of those messages, I just think " Well, jeez, why didn't my folks think of that?" "

Wow! Nice message! I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for sharing!

copyright 2012, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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