Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top 5 - Worst "Cherokee" Songs

 5. Indian Reservation - Paul Revere and the Raiders

Reason - Historically inaccurate. The Cherokees never lived on a reservation. They lived in Cherokee Nation, a nation unto itself. Also, I am not fond of the line, "But maybe some day when they've learned, the Cherokee Nation will return." Return to what? We haven't gone anywhere.

4. Indian Outlaw - Tim McGraw

Reason - Stereotypical. Maybe Tim lives in wig wams or teepees, but the Cherokees never did. And, the last I heard of a Cherokee medicine man dragging someone around by their headband? Well, er, uh, never. The song is so full of stereotypes, it makes me wonder...is Tim getting even with the Cherokees for killing his ancestor, Isaac Chrisman?

3. Halfbreed - Cher

Reason - Oh my gourd! Where do I even start? First of all, Cher isn't Cherokee, but this song makes people think she is. And then "My life instead has been from man to man, but I can't run away from what I am. Halfbreed!" Ok, little lady. If your life has been from man to man, it isn't because you are mixed blood Cherokee! It's because you need to go put some dang clothes on! Now excuse me while I go change into my bejeweled bone halter top and stripper thong loin cloth and top it off with my floor length war bonnet! (wink)

2. Cherokee - Europe

Reason - It's just gross! Honestly, this video is just disgusting and gross. Spaghetti western images, a woman with paint on her face, and southwestern terrain.  Hmmm..........nope, nothing Cherokee about any of that. And, the line, "Cherokee, marching on the trail of tears......." over and over. Ugh..........

1. Cherokee Morning Song - Walela

Reason - Walela aren't Cherokee, nor is the song in Cherokee. This is just pure theft of culture and identity. Sorry to those of you who purchased their music believing this is real Cherokee music by real Cherokee women, but you got ripped off. Neither is true, yet because they misrepresent themselves and their music as such, they get my vote for the worst of the worst.

Ok, so you have it. My top five choices for worst song to mention Cherokee either in the title or words of the song. Now it is your turn to vote! Click below to vote for one of the songs above for the worst of the worst. I will run the poll for thirty days and then post the winner for our Readers Choice Award! Also feel free to leave a comment below telling me why you agree, disagree or if you think other songs should be added to the list and why.

Update - The poll has closed, but it was a very close race that ended up in a tie between Indian Outlaw (Tim McGraw) and Cherokee Morning Song (Walela) "winning" as worst song, each getting 30% of the vote. Coming in a close second was Halfbreed (Cher) with 27% of the vote.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thanks for reading.

The Granddaughter
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