Thursday, June 30, 2011

Demonstration to be Held by Concerned Cherokee Citizens

June 29, 2011
June 30, at Election Commission Offices during ballot recount

A peaceful demonstration of concerned Cherokee citizens is set to begin Thursday morning to alert and raise the conscious level of the public as to what they are calling corruption in their election for Principle Chief. Protesters will assemble outside the Cherokee Election Commission Offices in Tahlequah, where a recount of ballots is scheduled to be held.
Demonstrators planning to attend say it is critical they bring public attention to the gross negligence and dereliction of the Election Commission. Although the Saturday final election results for Principle Chief were announced by the Commission about sunrise on Sunday morning, by Monday those numbers had changed. 
After an all night ordeal Commissioners finally exited the building around 6:30 Sunday announcing, the reason the count had taken so long was because they wanted to be sure their figures would stand good in any challenge stating, “These are the final numbers. We are tired and hungry and are going to breakfast and will then come back to certify these numbers.” 
Upon being told the figures were final, watchers were dismissed. However commissioners failed to return until early Monday morning where, within a short period and without watchers present, they announced an error had been discovered that reversed the results in the election for Chief.
“This exemplifies the expanding pattern of injustice the Cherokee people have experienced under the present administration,” stated Jack Crittenden, one of a number of Cherokees who stayed at the Election Commission all night until the final results were announced.
Contact: Jack Crittenden
Former Adviser to the Principal Chief

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