Friday, May 20, 2011

"Wannabe Hunter" Admits She is a Liar!

And after my blog went into publication today at 5/20/2011 - 2:14am - there was quite a bit of whining in the facebook group where Keely first started insulting everyone. They had obviously seen my morning blog. Then, she removed her posting from the other facebook group where she said she had proof I said I was a fake and that I could not prove my line to the family I claimed. Then she added a new post that said I was enrolled but she wanted to lie about me to make a point. 

Guess what Keely. I am not mad and upset. You don't matter enough to make me mad and upset. What I am is disgusted. You made a point, but not the one you think. You see, you did not hurt me or damage my reputation. You hurt and damaged your own. And you have now shown your true colors not only to me but the rest of the Cherokee people and we have no respect for anyone who would behave like you.

And apparently you forget that such statements like you made are not child's play and are extremely serious. No one has the right to bully and harass or intentionally lie to try to damage the reputation of a person just because they are mad. That is why we have these things called criminal and civil court.  

copyright 2011, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB


  1. What a lame excuse to lie!! I may be a bad speller, but I say there are worse problems to have, and there it is...

    Theres some words that come to mind, childish, crazy, insane and liar!! It isnt an admit to anything when you lie to do that too!! How tight does that spider have to weave that web till its in the middle?

    She removed her post because she got caught. She's trying to make it look as if she might be teaching something..... BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA..because she (1) Cant figure out a better lie... and (2) doesnt like the company that CC is now keeping.

    (she has a kinda control thing going on)

  2. The woman is a known stalker and liar. Her friends are the same way. Truth be known, she had to research herself to get enrolled and is jealous of those who have always known they were native.


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