Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mentioned in the Cherokee Phoenix

I am still pretty busy working on some things outside this blog, but thought I would share a mention I got in the Cherokee Phoenix not so long ago. It is just a little mention of a challenge I filed against Coates and Cornsilk, who both live in the nation, yet are running for the At Large Council seat. 
Former Tribal Councilor Linda Hughes O’Leary also filed 
an objection March 15 to Principal Chief Chad Smith’s 
candidacy, while CN citizens Steve Osburn, ...; and 
Twila Barnes, .., each filed challenges March 16 against 
Coates and Cornsilk.
A decision was made and they are good to run for the council, but never hurts to challenge things every once in a while if you believe in the principle of the issue. It also lets the candidates know the tribal citizens are paying attention.

Those are my thoughts for today. 
Thanks for reading. 

The Granddaughter 

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  1. Keep them on their toes. If they know they are being watched should try harder to do better. Right?


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