Monday, March 21, 2011

Mappy Monday - A Family Cemetery

The cemetery that is closest to my heart is the Fisher Cemetery in Wagoner County, Oklahoma. It has primarily been my mother's family cemetery since the mid 1800s and holds many of my Cherokee ancestors. I am related to a large percentage of the people buried there by either blood or marriage. I also have many direct ancestors buried there.

The cemetery was originally on the allotment land of my gg grand uncle, Moses Fisher. The cemetery was moved by the Corps of Engineers when the Fort Gibson dam was constructed.

Below are some pictures from Google Earth and Google Maps of the Fisher Cemetery. In the last picture, I have labeled where my direct ancestors are buried.


Ancestors and family buried in the above labeled areas -

Black - My great grandpa, Dick Carey, and his wife, my great grandma, Nancy Fisher Carey, along with several of their sons, Donald Ray, John F., Reed, and Millard (Monkey).

Red - My ggg grandparents, Dave Tadpole and his wife, Polly Vann Tadpole, as well as their daughter and my gg grandma, Darkie Tadpole Fisher. Their children Tiger Tadpole and Rose Tadpole Swimmer are also buried in this area as well as some of the daughters of Tiger.

Green - My gggg grandma, Peggie Dennis Pumpkin and her husband, George Pumpkin, as well as Peggie's sister, Annie Dennis Elliot.

Blue - My ggg grandparents, Johnson Fisher (Sr) and his wife, my ggg grandma, Sarah Woodward Fisher. Three of their children are also buried in this area - Daisy, Ben and Charlie Fisher, who all died as infants or toddlers.

Though I am related to many many more of the people buried in the Fisher Cemetery, it would be impossible to label and list them all in such a small picture. Hopefully this will give family looking for the final resting places of some of our ancestors an better idea where to look in the cemetery for those graves.
copyright 2011, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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