Friday, February 11, 2011

John Cornsilk Withdraws as Candidate for Principal Chief

Posted on this morning.

To all my Friends and fellow Cherokee:

Over the past few weeks and after much conversation with my family and friends I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Due to the strain it will put on my health which is a little more unstable than I have wanted to accept, and the well being of those I keep closest to me, I feel I cannot run the kind of campaign the people of the Cherokee Nation deserve.

The problems that our people face are immense. The past 12 years under Chad Smith have torn away any values that remained with the governance of our Nation, and the continuing threats must be addressed swiftly for the good of the Cherokee People. Because I have always believed in putting our people before any individual, even myself...

I have been feeling a deep need to assess the values of my campaign in terms of reality, I have concluded to continue will more than likely result in the vote being split, and Chad Smith being elected to his fourth illegal term as Chief.

The Cherokee People simply cannot have four more years of the type of leadership provided by Chad Smith, arrogance is not a governing virtue. The people of the Cherokee Nation deserve a leader who will put their needs first; a leader who will work for everyone, not just those who suit his given needs, the past few years Bill John Baker has demonstrated as a Councilor he knows these principles, and how to make them work for the needy...

After talking with Bill John Baker I feel he will uphold these needed principles, and steer our people back onto a steady course. He has listened to what I have to say, and we have opened up a dialog that will continue through the election, and into his time as our next leader.

Although I will no longer be a candidate, I will not stop speaking the truth, I will continue to hold all candidates feet to the fire as a continuing voice of the people so we can ensure a brighter future for our Cherokee People.

I cant thank you enough for all of your support over the months and years. Though I may no longer be in the race, I am hopeful the movement we have started will continue to grow.

The passion and pride many have demonstrated is the backbone of our Nation. Your involvement with my goal has always been an inspiration to me, as I step aside my only request is that you dont let the fire die, and you continue to fight. And I do hope youll join me in supporting Bill John Baker as he stands up for the Cherokee People. Because I sincerely do believe he can and will.

John Cornsilk

copyright 2011, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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