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Sunday School - Old School Record 1841

In The Cherokee Nation- An Old School Record.

R. M. Winn, of Coal Hill, Ark. who is now stopping in Fort Gibson, has an old school record owned by his father who taught school in the Cherokee Nation, 65 years ago. It reads 'A list of scholars taught in Flint district, Cherokee nation, July 19th, A. D. 1841.

The following are the names -

John Briant
Charlotte Briant
Nancy Briant
Andrew Nave
Frances Nave
Manerva Nave
Oeorge Nave
Jas. E. Harlin
Sarah Harlin
Mary Harlin
George Harnage
Ellis H. Starr
Bluford Starr
Ellis Starr
John Starr
Eeroy Starr
Jas. Starr
Caleb Starr
Jane Starr.
Nancy Starr
Joseph Couch
Rufus Reeve
Charles Reeves
Ellis Martin
Paulina Martin
Wm. P. Adair
Price Adair
Walter Adair
John Adair
Henry Lowery
Moses M. Daniel
John B. M. Daniel
Bluford Rider
Susan Gunter
Mary Gunter
Benjamin Goss
Walter Goss
G. W. Mayes
J. F. Mayes
Frances Mayes
James Mayes
Walter Mayes
Wilson Mayfield
Emily Mayfield
Elizabeth Harnage
Samuel Swanagin
Thomas Taylor
James McDaniel
John Lowery

So far as known here, the only one of the number now living is Benjamin Goss, who lives at Stilwell in Goingsnake District. He is the father of Wash Goss, who lives a few miles south east of this place.-Fort Gibson Post.

Source - Cherokee Republican; Sallisaw, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory; Friday, January, 11, 1907; p. 1.

Transcription by Polly's Granddaughter
copyright 2011, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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