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News - Stilwell Standard - 1902

The following is from the Stilwell Standard; Stilwell, Indian Territory; Friday, February 21, 1902.

Page 1

They Must Enroll

The leading full bloods who are refusing to enroll before the Dawes Commission are up against a new opposition. Judge Raymond has caused to be served on them a summons from the district court (illegible) them to appear before the commission February (several words illegible) members of the Cherokee tribe of Indians.

The summons is directed to Wolf Coon, Dave Muskrat, Daniel Gritts, John Grass and in fact all of the prominent full bloods who have been opposing the commission's work so strenously. Deputy A. J . Trail has been out most of the week trying to locate Grass and get service on him. This he finally accomplished Tuesday.


Page 4

Hon. Wolfe Coon and Dave Muskrat were cited to appear before the Dawes Commission
instanter, and show cause why they refuse to enroll, or suffer the penalty for contempt. Other prominent fullbloods and some half-breeds were also notified to do likewise in different parts of the nation. It looks like it will soon be taps on making the Cherokee rolls.


Every Cherokee who loves his family and his home should go before the Dawes Commission and enroll — especially should our fullblood friends do this at once, so as to get their pro rata share of this Cherokee estate. It would be too bad if some of our fullbloods should get left out. It might be good to leave out the few half-breeds who have been wrongfully advising the fullbloods not to enroll.


The work of enrolling the fullbloods will be undertaken by the Dawes commission April 1st.
Detachments will be sent out, and stationed in the different towns nearest the fullblood territory and every effort made to induce them to enroll before the time limit expires, July 1st.


It is said the Cherokee officials at Tahlequah make sport of the sad condition of the fullbloods--and say they ought to go to work. They must take after the Arrow.


Hon. Watt Christie an old time Cherokee died at the home of Sam Manus, in Tahlequah district, last Wednesday.


News comes that Mrs. Eliza Thompson died at Tahlequah last Sunday, She was a good woman—a noble woman—and her friends and kindred all over the Nation will mourn her demise.


Page 5

The thirteen year old daughter of Mrs. Cornsilk died last Monday night, about three miles from here.


Jess Alberty, well and favorably known all over the nation, died at his home in Westville last Monday of pneumonia. Jess Alberty was a good man.


Misses Emma Foreman,Fannie Sixkiller, and Bettie Johnson, teachers, were shown over the town by their friend John Sanders last week. John is a great friend to all the ladies and a nice genteel fellow.


The fine home of Zack Foreman, the richest Cherokee freedman in the nation, was burned last week. Richard Foreman's son and Sapulpa Wear, two colored people, were burned to death in the fire.

Transcription by Polly's Granddaughter
copyright 2011, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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