Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1900 Newspaper Article - Enrollment Commenced


The Dawes Commission Commenced a Four Week Stay here Monday, 12.

The Dawes Commission with all of its paraphernalia arrived in our city Saturday morning and their tents were pitched on the Valley right-of-way near the residence of Charles F. Godbey, and
the opera house was arranged for business.

Promptly Monday morning they opened up for business and they accomplished one of the best first day's work since they have been out, 320 persons being enrolled and thirty-nine being placed on the doubtful list. There were some surprises as to those who were placed on the doubtful list, and happy is he whose record was clear and whose evidence was abundant to sustain all the questions asked. The roll will not be a faulty one from a lack of vigilance upon the part of the Commission to sift out the full facts in the case of each applicant for enrollment.

Their work seems to be highly satisfactory to the Cherokees, and if it pleases them we do not know that any one else has any reason to kick against their methods.

There has been a good attendance all week, and while there has been no rush there has been enough on hand at all times to keep them grinding. Since Wednesday the work has slackened up
some by the absence of Commissioner Needles, who has gone to Illinois.

An adjournment of the work of the Commission will be taken from next Thursday, Nov. 1st, until Thursday, Nov. 8th, when work will be resumed and continued here until Friday, Nov. 16th.

An important ruling was made this week. When a name appears on the 1880 roll as a colored person, they will have to prove their citizenship from their mother's side.

Up to Thursday night 862 had been enrolled here, thirty-one rejected, one hundred and seventeen put on the doubtful list and thirteen dismissed for want of jurisdiction.

Up to Saturday night 18,000 in round numbers had been enrolled.— Claremore Progress

Source - Muskogee Phoenix; Muskogee, Oklahoma; November 1, 1900; p. 7.

Transcription by Polly's Granddaughter - TCB
copyright 2010, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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