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1948 News - Glovers Pack Lethal Fists in Ring Here

Glovers Pack Lethal Fists In Ring Here

Miami's sixth annual Golden Gloves boxing tournament opened, at College gym last night with competition in all the brackets except the heavier divisions. Competitors will swing to action again tonight in the semi-finals with the finals scheduled for Thursday night.

It was a night of short fights as an even half dozen of the bouts were ended by TKO's. The quickest ending of the night was in the 160-pound-division, where Norvel Trask, favorite from Northeastern A. & M., stopped Marvin Smith, Commerce, in 29 seconds of the first round. Trask's teammate, Pidgeon Riley, sailed into Arlo Stanton of Chelsea and the referee stepped in and stopped the fight after 33 seconds of the first round of their 135-pound scrap.

In one of the few fights to go the whole distance, Gene Flood, 118-pound favorite, floored Austin Groeneman of the junior college in each of the three rounds in taking a decision. They stood toe to toe in the first round and slugged. Groeneman connected with a hard right and Flood went to the floor. After a short count, he was back on his feet and just before the bell he sent a crusher to Groeneman's jaw and Groeneman went down. Flood piled up points in the second as he continued to connect with hard rights. The third round saw him land another to the jaw and Groeneman went to the floor again. Flood piled up his big margin in winning the third round.

John James, Miami, used his height and reach in taking a decision from Leo Roach, game little scrapper from the Seneca Indian school. James is the defending champion in the 105-pound division.

At 8 o'clock tonight the semifinals will start with all divisions through the heavyweights throwing leather. As originally scheduled, the event will be observed as Seneca Indian school night and the school will be awarded a plaque in recognition of what they have done in promoting the Junior Chamber of

Commerce Golden Gloves shows.

There will be at least 12 bouts in the championship class, with more exhibitions to be added, to the card.

Tonight's card reads:

Tonight's card reads:

105 pounds — John James vs. Tommy Jimboy.
105 pounds—Monkey Carey vs. Earl Smith.
112 pounds—J. T. Vann vs. Benny Bushyhead.
118 pounds—Gene Flood vs. Billy Downing.
118 pounds — Jim Rogers vs. Stone.
126 pounds—J. E. Cook vs. Leo Rollins.
135 pounds—Floyd Rogers vs Ronnie McLemore.
147 .pounds—Leo Albro vs. Curtis Meyers.
147 pounds'—Stanley Trask vs Lloyd Beard.
160 pounds —Bill Waddle vs Charlie White.
175 pounds—Buck Victor vs. Tub Logan.
Heavyweight—Parker, OMA, vs Dave Surber, Miami.

Results Last Night

105 pounds—Tommy Jimboy, SIS, Tko'd Vernon Highley, Quapaw, 1:27 second round.
105 pounds—John James, Miami, decisioned Leo Roach, SIS.
118 pounds—Gene Flood, Chelsea, decisioned Austin Groeneman, Miami.
118 pounds—Truman, Stone, Chelsea, TKO'd Phillip Peacock, Miami, :34 of second round.
126 pounds—Bill Whipkey, Picher, decisioned Thurman Stone, Chelsea.
135 pounds—Pidgeon Riley, Miami,TKO's Arlo Stanton, Chelsea, :33 of first round.
147 pounds —Lloyd Beard, Miami, decisioned Bill Bowen, Miami.
147 pounds—Stanley Trask, Miami, TKO'd Francis Smith, Miami, 1:36 second round.
160 pounds — Charles White, Quapaw, TKO'd Jim Graybeal, Welch, 1:43 second round.
160 pounds—Norvel Trask, Miami, TKO'd Marvin Smith, Commerce, :29 first round.

Source - Miami Daily News Record; Miami, OK; Tuesday, January 20, 1948; p. 4.

Transcription by Polly's Granddaughter
copyright 2010, Polly's Granddaughter - TCB

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