Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Attitude of the Cherokees (News article 1897)

Opposition to Dawes Commission Causes Critical Situation.

Vinita, I..T., Nov. 16.--The attitude of the Cherokees with reference to treating with the Dawes commission, is becoming extremely, interesting. The more intelligent Cherokees are afraid of the outcome and are not in favor of leaving the settlement of their affairs to congress entirely, as seems to be the probability, since it is definitely understood that no agreement can be reached
with the Dawes commission.

The Cherokees feel bitter toward the Dawes commission on account of some claims filed against them and which were about to be recognized by the commission. The claim of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad company for a grant of every alternate section of land for ten miles on each side of the road, through the entire length of the Cherokee country, was regarded as especially dangerous.

Then came the claim of the adopted Delaware Indians for 160 acres each. The Dawes commission favored the claim and the full-blood Cherokees held a caucus and resolved never to treat on any terms. In the Cherokee election the full-bloods chose more than three-fourths of the members of the legislature, and as a consequence they have become more determined than ever to hold out against the overtures of the government.

(Source - Daily Iowa Capital; Des Moines, Iowa; November 16, 1897; p. 3.)

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