Monday, November 2, 2009

Currently Researching These Surnames

The Cherokee family names I am currently researching are Tucker, Keener (or Kenah), Birdchopper, Scott, Henson, Whitekiller, Shade and Cochran. These families were all from the Lost City/Melvin/Hulbert area at the time of the Dawes/Miller Rolls. Not all are related to each other and not all are related to me. If anyone is researching these family names and needs help, contact me and I will be glad to help if I can. Also, if anyone has information about these families they would like to share, that is always welcome!

Thank you.
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The Granddaughter
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  1. In your searches, have you come across much about the community of Yonkers? Back in from Pegg's toward the Grand river. My Downing ansestors lived there and I've love to find more resources about it.

    Susan O'Neal


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