Monday, October 5, 2009

Cherokees Take a Stand Against Frauds

Cherokees are taking a stand against fraudulent artists, performers, musicians, etc...


You can help!

  • Document all the frauds you find and notify the Cherokee Nation
  • Write the Cherokee Federal delegation in Oklahoma and the Arizona Senators
  • BCC the Washington, DC office
  • Write Chief Chad Smith
When you write, write as an individual Indian and be specific. Include all arts--performing, music, etc.. Provide examples of those who fraudulently call themselves American Indian/Native American. Include your name, address and contact information for follow up contact.

Contact information:

Cherokee Elected Officials
(in the first box, select elected officials and in the second box, select the person you wish to contact)

Oklahoma's Federal Delegation

Washington DC office -

Arizona Senators -
Jon Kyl
John McCain

If you think this does not affect you, think again. When someone impersonates you, it does affect you. It is time to stand up against those people who fraudulently represent themselves as Cherokee (and/or Native American) artists, musicians, performers, etc...

Those are my thoughts for today.
Thank you for listening.

The Granddaughter

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  1. I'm all for exposing frauds and their like. The problem is that the Federal Tribes do not follow "innocent until proven guilty" motto which all people should respect. The CNO has posted a list of suspected fraudulent tribes without out any investigation. While there are only three Federally Recognized tribes in the U.S.A., that does not mean that all of those organizations in the list are necessarily fakes. "Wannabes", perhaps. But do we have the right to sit in the judgment seat and say that all of those tribes and organizations are fakes and are fraudulent. I don't think so. I say Wannabes because most people in the U.S. have a drop or two of Cherokee blood, and it is a great nation. Who wouldn't 'wannabe' Cherokee?


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